Yearnings of the Soul-Deseret Book

This album contains selections of moving, beautiful and significant instrumental themes, mostly with orchestra, based on gospel oriented titles such as "Faith", "The Resurrection" and other Christian values. Its music has the power to lift our souls to higher levels of spirituality and peace. It is wonderfully suited for Sabbath listening.

1. Building the Kingdom - BUY SONG
2. Morning Prayer - BUY SONG
3. The Holy Spirit - BUY SONG
4. Brothers - BUY SONG
5. The Joy of The Family - BUY SONG
6. From the Hearts of the Fathers - BUY SONG
7. Yearnings of the Soul - BUY SONG
8. Faith - BUY SONG
9. The Resurrection - BUY SONG

This album is currently out of print, but an MP3 version of the album can be purchased here for $9.99. Individual songs may also be purchased for $0.99 cents each.

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