Wilderness-GHMP/ IMS

Since my youth I have spent much time with nature, enough time to know that she must be both respected and preserved. She is a system of contrasts, both lovely and cruel, serene and changing all at once. Few other sources provide such inspiration for my music. I feel every emotion in her presence, reflected in the various styles and contrasts of this album, Wilderness. This music is about real places-uncommon areas where man's influence is limited. All of them are national parks, wilderness areas, or other natural wonders-places where the "wild" part of the word "wilderness" is an important ingredient. With nature, and this album, you can expect the unexpected.

1. Kilauea - BUY SONG
2. Hidden Canyon - BUY SONG
3. Yukon Rendezvous - BUY SONG
4. Emerald Pools - BUY SONG
5. White Water - BUY SONG
6. Guardians of Time - BUY SONG
7. Natural Response - BUY SONG
8. Windows in the Earth - BUY SONG
9. Rock Art - BUY SONG
10. Roundup - BUY SONG

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