Seminary's Greatest Songs-IMS

Seminary's Greatest Songs brings together the very best from over 25 years. From The Olive Tree and For Our Day to Like Unto Us and Joseph these songs reach across generations, helping us understand and remember important gospel truths-Christ and His atoning sacrifice, the Prophet Joseph Smith, the Restoration, The Book of Mormon, temples, the worth of souls, and more. A feast of inspiring, testimony strengthening music for all ages.

1. I've Got to Find Out Who I Am
2. For Our Day
3. Like Unto Us
4. Come Unto Him
5. The Olive Tree
6. I Have It, Why Not Share It
7. My Soul Hungered
8. Joseph
9. That We May Know
10. Our Father's Plan
11. Strength Beyond My Own
12. Going Home
13. I Want to Be Loved
14. I'll Build You a Rainbow

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