Majesty-Deseret Book

"The Sabbath was made for man," the Lord proclaimed. And to provide for out spiritual and physical refreshment, he ordained a day for us to attend our meetings, renew our covenants, and offer up our prayers and sacraments to him. But what of the rest of the day? Too often, the world intrudes. This is music to accompany reading the scriptures, writing in your journal, composing a letter, or simply relaxing. These inspiritional lyrics, beautiful melodies, and rich orchestrations will help create a peaceful Sabbath mood.

1. The Holy Spirit - BUY SONG
2. Oh Lord, My Redeemer
3. He Was Always Right/Evening Prayer/Phoebe's Passing
4. Fantasy on Come, Come, Ye Saints
5. The Prayer
6. Love at Home
7. Seek Ye Learning
8. The Stopping Place
9. Lord, Remeber Me
10. Faith - BUY SONG
11. Lead, Kindly Light
12. Sing a New Song, Raise Your Voice and Sing
13. Our Father's Plan
14. You Can Believe in Christ
15. Raise Your Voices to the Lord
16. Let His Love Reach You

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