Glory-Deseret Book

Frustrated by his inability to declare the depth of his love for God and the breadth of his feeling for the gospel, Alma wished that he were an angel, with angelic powers of expression. He wanted, he said, to "glory" in the Lord. That emotion, that yearning, underlies the songs on this album. Performed by favorite LDS artists, these pieces affirm the faith of the vocalists and musicians and glorify the Father and the Son. Ranging in format from quiet, lovely melodies to towering, powerful anthems, these musical expressions of faith will thrill and inspire you.

1. All Glory, Laud, and Honor
2. We'll Shout and Give Him Glory
3. Hosanna to God and the Lamb
4. Just Believe Him
5. Saints, Behold How Great Jehovah/Zion Stands with Hills Surrounded
6. Prince of Peace
7. Hearts that Know and Feel
8. Song of the Morning Stars
9. A Break in the Clouds/Look Up!
10. Victory of Truth
11. Yearnings of the Soul - BUY SONG
12. In This Very Room
13. Overture from The Garden
14. Come My Way
15. If You Could Hie to Kolob
16. My Heavenly Father Loves Me
17. When I Survey the Wondrous Cross
18. All My Days

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